After 35 years and over a million tools sold, there is lots of practical experience from Leatherman users out there! We decided to put together a list of some of the easily missed tools and best tricks of the trade from Leatherman users to help you get the most out of your Leatherman multi-tool.

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Find your wire stripper

A wire stripper is built-in on the can opener tool in many models such as the Rev, Wingman, Sidekick, Rebar, Super Tool 300, Wave+, Signal, Surge and Charge+ and +TTI. It’s easy to overlook, and many people often use the knife blade to strip wire instead of the specialist tool available.

Serrated can be better than straight

Many models of Leatherman tools have a serrated knife blade, or a combo knife, where part of the knife has a straight edge and part is serrated. While the straight blade is most often people’s go-to, there are lots of situations where a serrated knife blade is a much better option than a straight knife blade.

With the saw-like edge, a serrated blade can handle cutting fibrous materials like belts, ropes and fabrics much better than a straight blade. Cardboard is another material best handled with a serrated blade, as it contains additives that can affect the sharpness of your knife blade.

Increase the versatility of your Leatherman with bit drivers and bit kits

Tools such as the Wave+, Charge, Skeletool, Surge and MUT models have a bit driver built-in, where you can use a whole range of double-ended bits not included in the standard tool. The 42-piece bit kit is available as an accessory, as is the Bit Driver Extender, which extends the reach of your bit driver.

Don’t have a Leatherman with a built-in bit driver? Not to worry, a removable bit driver is available from Leatherman that fits over the Phillips screwdriver in the Super Tool 300, Crunch, and the Rebar, turning the Phillips screwdriver into a bit driver for you.

Choose the right Leatherman tool for you

While Leatherman tools are all multi-purpose, within the range there are some models that are designed to be more heavy-duty than others. If you plan to use your multi-tool frequently on the job, then look at some of the high spec models such as the Wave+, Super Tool 300 or Charge.

If you simply need a multi-tool to have in your toolbox or in the car for an emergency, then the lower spec entry models such as the Rev, Wingman or Sidekick should suffice.

Taking your Leatherman on holiday with you? Pack it away

The great thing about Leatherman tools is they prepare you for the unexpected, and holidays are often times when you’re faced with a situation without the right tools for the job. The problem with taking a Leatherman on holiday with you is getting them to your destination without having them confiscated by airline security. To be safe rather than sorry, the best thing to do is put your Leatherman in your checked bag right from the start.

The only exception to this is the Tread range, Leatherman’s wearable tool which is fully TSA compliant.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way

Leatherman multi-tools are made of high-grade stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant, but not completely rust-proof. Therefore, you need to make sure you maintain your Leatherman properly.

Your Leatherman product should be cleaned, dried and re-lubricated periodically to inhibit rust and corrosion. This is especially true if your Leatherman has been exposed to saltwater or marine environments. If so, rinse in fresh water, dry, and lubricate it with a light oil.