The Knifeless Rebar is perfect for environments and job sites that need a handy set of tools, yet don’t allow for knife blades. Built for tough jobs and the hands that do them, the Knifeless Rebar features scissors instead of a traditional knife blade. Other features include a file, screwdrivers, replaceable wire cutters, a saw and more.

Packed with a total of 15 essential tools, the Knifeless Rebar means you can keep your tools at your side for when you need them.

This tool is covered by Leatherman’s 25-year warranty. 

1. Needlenose pliers 
2. Regular pliers 
3. 154CM replaceable wire cutters 
4. 154CM replaceable hard-wire cutters 
5. Wire stripper 
6. Saw 
7. Spring-action scissors 
8. Awl with thread loop 
9. Ruler 
10. Can opener 
11. Bottle opener 
12. Wood/Metal file 
13. Phillips screwdriver 
14. Large screwdriver 
15. Small screwdriver


  • All locking tools
    Every tool on the body of the handle, with exception of the plier head, will lock into place, providing extra safety.
  • Lanyard ring
    Attaches tool securely to a lanyard. Great for people who want to use their tool near water or on scaffolding.
  • 25-year warranty
    Guarantees your Leatherman will give you many years of dependable service





We take extraordinary measures so your Leatherman product will give you many years of dependable service. If it doesn’t, we will gladly repair or replace it, at our discretion, with one of equal or greater value under our 25-year guarantee. This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your Leatherman product. This warranty does not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, colour finishes, cleaning, or sharpening.